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The Adventure Workshop

Welcome Adventurers!

Especially designed for children of all ages with a keen spirit of adventure! Our programs are all about the outdoors, about visiting new places and doing new and different things. The idea is to travel, to learn, to have experiences together and enjoy nature and culture in a different way.

Our workshops provide solid starting points for many outdoor activities in a fun, responsible way. As travel and adventure experts, we promote safe experiential trips under three main areas:

  • Sport & technique. Every activity is learned on small doses: the equipment, safety issues, mechanics and the best spots for hiking, mountain biking, swimming, snorkeling or kayaking, rappelling or canyoning.
  • Reading nature. Because a good explorer must take the best decisions, and not depend on luck! This area is clue in any adventure: map reading, ecology, geography and general nature appreciation.
  • Mental training. It is the mind that dominates the body, and not the other way around. Our simple techniques will enhance relaxation, concentration and will give another dimension to any activity.


Besides experiencing the specific techniques of outdoor activities, the Adventure Workshop enhances leadership skills and consciousness for nature and fellow companions, as well as a positive attitude towards the challenges in life.