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Welcome Adventurers!

We are here to take you to exceptional places and explore a mosaic of safe experiences with great natural and cultural value in Mexico.

Our rural world has many stories to tell, some deep, others weird or funny, but all of them valuable. This “travel therapy” is an invitation to contrast ways of life, to recognize who we are with respect to the universes that run parallel in Mexico.

While traveling with us, you will have fun and experience different ways of life in an authentic, safe environment with true travel professionals.

Our playground is Ensenada and its surroundings, where we have developed short adventures that highlight the values ​​of the area: wine tasting, hiking, zip-lining, kayaking and bird-watching, among others…

If you’d rather stay a couple of days, we have created a pairing of excellent regional wines with a little optional activities, such as yoga, kayak, hiking and meditation. This experience mixes the best adventure around with a sybarite taste.

South of Ensenada lies one of the most isolated, poetic, beautiful and forsaken territories of the entire planet: the vast peninsula of Baja California, with its gigantic “Cardons” and teddy-bear “Chollas”; its gray whales and “Berrendo” Antelopes; its Jesuit and Dominican missions.

But Mexico is a lot more than its slim peninsula: we’ve got a selection of stunning places all over, like its Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, where long distance runners have lived long before ultra marathons were even conceived; its “Pueblos Mágicos” and colonial cities, windows of the continent’s history with its exquisite ambiguity and, a little further south, the Yucatan Peninsula and Maya Riviera, with its pyramids and vibrant indigenous people.

We have worked in rural communities as consultants for active and nature tourism for many years. We know them well, because we are good friends.

How MexGeo came to be. A little about me.

My name is Lizette Rolland and I’ve always loved the outdoors… I even represented Mexico at the Eco-Challenge expedition race in Fiji in 2002! I started guiding in 1991. At that time, I was a competitive mountain biker, and won the National Cross Country championship in 94. Thanks to that, I discovered the great natural diversity and the very complex rural universe of Mexico. It was a fascination that transformed all my senses and I knew I had to share it. With compass and map in hand (because in the 90’s there was no GPS), my partner and I went out looking for any single-tracks worth cycling: forests, deserts, mountains and rural communities passed under our fat tires. We founded “Balam Expeditions”.

Over time, our tours made their way into catalogs of American and European companies such as Exodus, Explore! and REI. We were the first Mexicans to accomplish that, and I was thrilled!

We discovered and rediscovered different regions of Mexico and its people with every successful expedition we lead. Our American and European clients enjoyed amazingly enriching rides visiting towns and villages in the heart of Mexico, some of which could only be accessed by mountain bike or donkey! Every tour strengthened my passion and conviction that for our clients, those days away from their daily routines were life changing. I learned a lot and really enjoyed hearing back from past clients and how they cherished their time with us.

My years as a guide gave way to my work as a consultant, discovering a new side of rural communities and the actual problems in natural areas. My vision of the country widened. Until relatively recently, I have come to realize the value of my experiences, acknowledging my opinions gained weight after so many years working with campesinos and fishermen. My desire to share became a conviction and a life mission that I now need to fulfill. This is the task of MexGeo; to facilitate memorable, safe and fun experiences at the best Mexican Geography.

One of my childhood dreams was to travel through Baja California making maps of its coast. I had it very clear in my mind: I would go with my camper, my dog and my instruments throughout the peninsula discovering all its corners. A curious thing for a little girl from Mexico City!

So I have always liked maps, dogs and campers. In other words, I love going out to the mountain and, as a good Gemini, I had to find my opposite and sybarite side: I enjoy red wine, Mexican coffee and good cinema… in fact, I consider myself a pretty good critique of children’s films.

I really hope you find my vision of Mexico interesting… now you know that, for me, it is very important to share my fascination and motivate you to visit our wonderful and diverse country.